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Welcome to The overloaded facts!

The world is saturated with all sorts of full time scammers!!! Now, that’s where the overloaded facts comes in. Just as the name suggests, this place is loaded with all the facts you need to know. Don’t fall victim to scammers

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  • Fare thee well
    Dance with the angels Just like that! All dreams down the drain, Ambitions swept away by death rain, All that’s left behind is pain, Nothing else to do but strive to gain Enough strength to hold on till we meet again. Meeting you was my pleasure, Spending time with you my leisure, But death choseContinue reading “Fare thee well”
  • The haunting past
    GHOSTS OF MY PASTI can clearly see their faces,I can hear their voicescalling out to me,laughing at me,there they are,doing their victory dance,that dance that reminds me,how “they” once warned me,they tried to talk meout of those mistakes/sinsthat I knowingly committed,they won’t leave me now,even after my repentance,I have sought for absolution,for I have toContinue reading “The haunting past”
  • Mental illness
    what if I showed you all the cuts on my wrists?what if you saw the dark rings on my neck?what if I told you the storybehind the big scar on my forehead?what if you saw all the deep scars on my body?what if you saw beyond those beautiful tattoos?what if I showed you how IContinue reading “Mental illness”
  • What else can I do?
    Nobody wants to hang around me,the slightest glance of medrives them all nuts,all the cheerful stories lapses at my approach,the kind of laughter that follows after I leave,thunderous is an understatement,they all say am reserved,for I chose to preservemy body until marriage,they think am a lost case,because I chose to abstain,that am missing a lotContinue reading “What else can I do?”
  • Depression
    I abhor DARKNESSfor it is the doorwayto my mind wheremy not-appreciated friends reside,my friendswho never missa slightest chance to remind mehow worthless I am,they often spit into my facethat am better off dead,those good for nothing friendswho won’t let go of meeven after severing all ties with them,they stand firm,waiting for darknessto creep into myContinue reading “Depression”
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